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MORE OF History's Worst COVER FINAL.jpg
MORE OF History's Worst COVER FINAL.jpg

    More History's Worst


More History’s Worst, 2000 Years of Idiocy from Nero to Trump celebrates the mad, bad and just plain mediocre. Generals more dangerous to their own side, monarchs too loony to be let out of the palace and politicians who make you weep for democracy. There have been plenty of ‘best ofs’, but More History’s Worst deals with the biggest butchers and buffoons from the ancient world to the bloodstained twentieth century; from the king who thought he was made of glass to the exploding dog regiment. Funny and provocative, this is the stuff you should have learned in class.


A Robert D. Reed Publication

"Adam Powell once again rewrites history with this inspired collection of frauds and fanatics."

Brian Huggett, editor of People of Few Words Anthology



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